Drone Technology -a key to industrial revolution across all sectors in Botswana

The use of drones has become a key component of innovation across sectors by playing a role in
diversifying economies across the globe. Today Drone Technology Centre (DTC) and Drone
Training Center was officially launched in the home ground of Botswana.
The launch which is collaborative effort between Botswana University of Agriculture and
Natural Resources (BUAN) is mandated to towards setting up a drone academy and drone
research centre at BUAN..Officiating the launch, the Vice President of Botswana Slumber
Tsogwane said the partnership between BUAN and DTC marks a clear and deliberate public
private partnership that reflects a commitment to invest in digital transformation.

Tsogwane said the initiative will help the government in creating employment, he said, “DTC’s
launch has fulfilled our country’s objective especially vision 2036, economic recovery and
transformation strategy to drive a knowledge-based economy.”
On her part the Assistant Managing Director at DTC Marang Mbaakanyi said It is time the
country speed up digital transformation and drone technology adoption as this will ignite a big
change in improving the efficiency which will in turn contribute to the economic prosperity. She
said the possibilities offered by drones are very wide and have become essential for all
industries. “Drones are cost effective, they contribute to infrastructure maintenance and
management, they increase work efficiency and productivity, decrease workload and production,
improve accuracy, refine service and customer relations,” she added, “We have reached a point
where most services will be assisted by drones and a full comprehension and knowledge of their
abilities is very important for decision makers.” She
The launch which was held under the theme “Inspire the future” was said to show the
prominence of technology in driving the lives of Batswana by the Minister of Agricultural
Development and Food Security Karabo Gare when giving his remarks. He said DTC in line
with the Government commitment to drive knowledge-based economy.