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Discover answers to frequently asked questions about African Agriculture, our mission, products, services, and how we contribute to agricultural innovation in Botswana. Whether you’re a farmer, enthusiast, or potential collaborator, our FAQ section is here to provide insights and clarity on various aspects of our agricultural endeavors.

What is African Agriculture's main mission?

African Agriculture (AA) aims to empower Botswana farmers and contribute to the economic growth of the country by manufacturing and assembling agricultural products, offering drone technology services, and promoting agricultural innovation.

What products does African Agriculture offer?

African Agriculture offers a range of farming implements, including tractors, ploughs, planters, and more. We also provide agricultural manure under our brand, AGRIMAX.

How can I get in touch with African Agriculture?

You can contact us through the following means:

  • Phone: +267 3163003
  • Email: sales@aa.co.bw
  • Visit us at Plot 22120, Nyamambisi Road, Gaborone West.
Does African Agriculture provide repair and maintenance services?

Yes, we offer tractor and farming implement repairs and maintenance through our Agricultural Equipment Service Center (AESC). We have a team of highly qualified and trained mechanics, and we also provide 24-hour assistance.

Are spare parts available for the tractors and implements you manufacture?

Yes, we have spare parts available for the tractors and implements we manufacture.

What is DTC (Drone Technology Centre), and what services does it offer?

DTC offers drone technology services, including drone pilot and mapping courses, drone operations, drone rentals, drone incorporation services, and drone research in various industries.

How can I become a part of the agricultural innovation promoted by African Agriculture?

African Agriculture's main objective is to help curb food scarcity, reduce poverty, and increase agricultural knowledge in Botswana. You can explore opportunities to collaborate and contribute to these goals by contacting us.

What are the benefits of using satellite tractors?

Satellite tractors are a new innovation in farming, allowing tractors to steer themselves around fields. They offer benefits such as increased efficiency and productivity, especially during nighttime operations.

How can I stay updated with the latest news and developments at African Agriculture?

You can visit our website's "News" section, where we regularly post updates and articles about our activities and the agricultural industry.

Does African Agriculture ship products internationally?

Please contact us for specific information regarding international shipping and export of our agricultural products.

Bringing Global Agritech to African Farmers

Bringing Global Agritech to African Farmers is our commitment to bridging the technological gap in agriculture. We aim to empower local farmers with cutting-edge solutions and knowledge to transform the African agricultural landscape.
African Agriculture, HQ
African Agriculture, HQ</br> 22120, Nyamambisi Road</br> Phase 4 Industrial</br> Gaborone, Botswana

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