BUAN anticipates change in agriculture by drone technology

In 2019 Crop tracker reported that the use of drones in almost every sector of the economy is growing
fast, but drone usage in the agricultural industry is booming. The report further stated that agricultural
drone market is expected to grow between the years 2019 to 2020.
Speaking recently at the official launch of Drone Training Center (DTC) in Botswana, A Senior Lecture and
Head of Food Science and Technology at Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources
(BUAN) Dr Rosemary Kobue-Lekalake says with the introduction of drone technology in agriculture, the
sector could guarantee future billionaires. She said with the partnership with DTC, BUAN is guaranteed
to produce graduates who will be technically equipped to bring good changes to the agriculture sector.
She said educating the youth is the right route because they are excited about technical gadgets, she
said if they are interested in the use of drones, they will then develop interest in agriculture.
On his part the Farm Enterprise manager at BUAN Gabriel Rantao said as farm manager who deals with
different aspects of agri-produce, he says as the sector is growing, in order to best manage it drone
technology is needed. He highlighted that drone technology can be used in the filed for spraying
fertilizers, in poultry to keep check of the chickens, in piggery and all other aspects of farm
production.the diversity that comes with its growth, better ways of managing the farms should be
introduced like drone technology. Rantao said Batswana should be prepared because drone use will
become more ubiquitous on large- and small-scale farms in a few short years.
When explaining the technical aspects of drone technology, a technician consultant at DJI Biao Zhou said
in the new age of the agriculture, with growth there should be diversity and technology should always
be part of the puzzle. He said for a country like Botswana to be food reliant, production should be high
and with the use of drone technology, farmers can manage and handle their large-scale produce. He
said a DJI T20 can spray fertilizers on a 6 hectares field in a day and a few hours whereas with the
traditional fertilizer spray it can take a month. He said the use of drones is not only effective but it is
environmentally healthy.