About Us

African Agriculture (Pty) Ltd (AA) was established under the laws of Botswana. Since then AA has become a reputable organization in Botswana and geared to leaving its footprints on the African Continent. AA is a dynamic and influential agricultural company. Its main function is to ensure that agri-business plays a pivotal role in the country’s economic growth. We are the first brand under BHERO to manufacture and assemble agricultural products including but not limited to tractors, ploughs, planters and other agricultural products. We are also in the process of manufacturing agricultural manure under our brand, AGRIMAX. By now we can all atest to the fact that drones are the future, whether in agriculture or any other field, under DTC (Drone Technology Centre) we offer drone technology services, Our aim is to provide the latest top technology drones which offers extensive range of services those include; drone pilot and mapping courses, drone operations, drone rentals, drone incorporation (integration) services and drone researches in all industries. Our main objective, through agricultural innovation, is to help curb the lack of food, reduce poverty and increase knowledge on agriculture/farming in Botswana. As the world goes into struggle due to global pandemics, it is imperative that each country becomes self-reliant on sectors like food security, health, engineering and so forth. We help the local market export their goods to the international market.

Our Mission

To assist any agricultural farming business or individuals who are
growing to become the economic boosters of Botswana.

Our Vision

To be the best leading organization in Botswana that assists
agricultural businesses and potential farmers into feeding our Nation
and Explore international Markets.